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RMR offers PACS – a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a medical imaging technology which provides economical storage of, and convenient access to, images from multiple modalities (source machine types).

In the modern era of medical imaging, the speed of light reigns supreme. Accordingly, having access to your patient’s final reports and images should not have to take very long. At RMR, we pride ourselves with our outstanding customer service. This includes the timely turnaround of an accurate, high quality report. We also provide our referring physicians with secure, online access to our award winning PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) software. Let RMR be your virtual radiology department.

Viewing the study in your office or even with the patient in the examination room becomes possible with a little setup. Reports or key images can be printed and CD ROM disks can be burned right from your office PC or Mac. Image review is a snap with the most intuitive and user friendly image viewer on the market: the Inteleviewer. This easy to install software is robust, easy to learn and fun to use, anywhere you want it. Many of our referring physicians have set up the Inteleviewer on their home computers, iPads and office Macs. Out technical staff is very knowledgeable with the software and can help resolve most issues with a simple phone call.

With the advance of medical imaging and educational resources, the modern patient is becoming more savvy with their health care choices. They want value and quality. Let us help distinguish your practice with rapid online report and image access. We’re certain your patients will be impressed.

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