What Study Should I Order?

pix-whatstudyAh yes, the age old question. Like every field in medicine, radiology is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. Technology advances, techniques improve and knowledge is disseminated. As a result, what was the gold standard choice last year can become a second or third line test in the following year. Add to that the variable considerations of radiation exposure, contrast risks, age, patient cooperation, allergies, etc., and often the use of a “one size fits all” approach will not suffice. Please feel free to consult with the radiologists of RMR whenever you need guidance as to which imaging test is most appropriate.

The following PDF file has a list of the most common clinical situations that we encounter in our practice with our primary and secondary test recommendations. Helpful comments are also included. Feel free to download it and use as you see fit. Periodic updates of this file will occur in the future.